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My First (and Scariest) Post

I can't tell you how many times I've started this my head. 15, 20, 40+ times... I've been SO excited about finally opening up my brain and heart to others through this new venture, that I never thought I'd struggle with my first post.

I've never been a story teller. And then again, I guess in some ways I've always been one. Oh boy did I enjoy hearing my sound of my own voice when I was younger. I would spin the greatest tales to my mom and dad in the back of their car on the way home from school or other destinations. I just loved fantasy and day dreaming and CREATING. I was at very least, a jabberbox.

And then I got older. I took a job in a field I LOVED (event planning), but I lost some of that creativity and unabashed storytelling. Somehow as I became a better and more detailed event planner (and self proclaimed logistics-queen), I became just terrible at orating the details of, well, anything. If a friend or family member asked me how I was doing, I would say "fine". If asked about a vacation or trip or work, usually I would exclaim the same thing. I became the definition of brevity. I think I became so tied up in the minute details of my work life, that I totally erased the beautiful details of the rest of life. Or maybe I was living so intensely, I just couldn't figure out how to put my crazy and amazing journey into simple words. I wanted people to see and feel everything through my photos and my videos. Now I am at a place in life where I can finally add the beautiful words.

Here I am, 15 years in to an amazing journey and career. I've bought a yacht and captained my own ship (literally). I've created an INCREDIBLE career in events marked by success, failure, triumph, and everything in between. I've experienced intense love and intense loss (more on that later). I've orchestrated one of the top 100 conferences & expositions in the country. I've built teams and made dreams and lived them. I've won accolades in my industry and the respect of peers. I've developed and launched a successful organization dedicated to the advancement of women in business. I've questioned just about every dang convention there was in society and in the events industry. I've been a champion, sponsor, mentor, daughter, sister, and hopefully a good friend.

This blog/vlog is going to hopefully help me reconnect with myself. Not "work-Carrie" but "Carrie-Carrie". Through my travels, golf outings, and through my daily life hopefully we can experience some authenticity and celebrate together. Enjoy!

XO, Carrie

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