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Featured Podcast Interviews

Carrie produced and co-hosted 10 episodes of the highly rated Apple and Spotify Podcast "Like an #EventBoss" with UK co-host Juliet Tripp in 2021.  Carrie has been a guest on numerous podcasts to include Slightly Unfiltered, The Big Ask Podcast, The Room Block podcast, The Events Insight and Meeting Minds to name a few.


The Rise of Chief Events Officers: Progress or Hype? The Perspective of Carrie Davenport, Lead Event Manager at Altria

In this episode of Production Value Matters, host Matthew Byrne is joined by Carrie Davenport, the Lead Event Manager at Altria. Join them as they discuss the evolving landscape of event management, insights on creating excellent events, the importance of compelling content, and industry trends such as diversity, sustainability, and the rise of Chief Events Officers.


How to Add Corporate Events to Your Revenue Stream and Portfolio

Rachel Sheerin, keynote speaker and Megan's first business coach, is guest-hosting this episode. She comes from a wedding background before shifting into corporate events and eventually speaking on the biggest stages. Today, Rachel brings on Carrie Davenport to discuss how wedding vendors can start adding corporate events to their portfolios and revenue streams.


The Ice Hub | "My Career Story" with Carrie Davenport, Lead Event Manager at Altria

Welcome to our podcast episode where Jenny Walsh, Head of International Sales at ICC Belfast, delves into a fascinating conversation with Carrie Davenport, Lead Event Manager at Altria. Throughout the episode, Carrie shares her 20-year career story in the events sector, providing valuable insights and inspiration for those navigating their paths in the corporate events world.

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The Big Ask Podcast | Ep. 26: A Woman With Drive with Carrie Abernathy

We chat with Carrie Abernathy, a woman with drive who had an inspiring story to tell. She is the founder of A Woman With Drive. She also is the founder of the Association for Women in Events. Carrie is a 15 year veteran in event planning, event industry speaker and leader. She is passionate about helping to elevate female leaders through mentorship, sponsorship and building communities.

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The Room Block | Evolving Events & Enacting Change, with Carrie Abernathy and Derrick Johnson

We’ve had so many conversations about the opportunities for diversity, equality and inclusion that exist within our industry but how many of those have resulted in actionable takeaways? Carrie Abernathy and Derrick Johnson, events industry leaders and co-hosts of the virtual talk show, Events: From Black to White, are ready to enact change.


VSGA‘s Golf in the Commonwealth Podcast | Carrie Abernathy - A Woman with Drive

This week we’re talking with Carrie Abernathy. You may recognize Carrie’s name from our weekly Clubhouse email where we’d featured her in the member spotlight a few weeks ago. Carrie’s an event planner, podcast host and blogger. She’s also recently begun contributing to Golf & Travel magazine. Carrie took up the game just seven years ago and in this conversation shares really relatable insight on how she came to it and how others can do the same so without further ado, we hope you enjoy our conversation with Carrie!

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