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Carrie has been a significant contributor to several books and publications to include Women's Health Magazine, Golf and Travel, TSNN Magazine, Corporate Event News, BizBash, MeetingsNet, SmartMeetings Magazine and several others! You can find Carrie writing authentically about her leadership wins (and failures) on her blog as well.


"Event Expert Insights: Carrie Abernathy, Lead Planner, Industry Engagement, Altria Group"
by Lori Tenny | February 18, 2022


"8 Best Lightweight Golf Bags For Women, According To Expert Golfers And Online Reviews"
by Emily Becker | May 26, 2022


"Tips on How to Address—and Prevent—Burnout in the Events Industry"
by Sarah Kloepple | February 26, 2023


"Closing the DEI Gap, One Conversation at a Time"
by Sue Pelletier | July 8, 2021


"The Upside of Change"
by Carrie Abernathy | April 22, 2021


"How to Help Your Attendees Discover Sustainable Happiness"
by Carrie Abernathy | March 18, 2021


"Women: It's a Perfect Time to Start Golfing!"
by Golf & Travel Magazine | February 2021


"Rejection, Resilience and Reinvention!"
by Carrie Abernathy | January 11, 2021


"Carrie Abernathy is Driving Hard Conversations with New Talkcast on Diversity and Inclusion"
by Ann Shepphird | June 23, 2020

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"Carrie Abernathy: Inspiring Words From an Industry Leader"
by Smart Meetings | March 20, 2017

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