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"Carrie was absolutely amazing- her presentation was energetic and informative with flair and fashion that kept me engaged from start to finish. I walked away with a whole new energy and ideas on how to not only survive this pandemic but thrive in it. I cannot recommend her enough, it’s hard to connect with people often via zoom but she connected with us as if we were at an in person event."

~ Nina Parson, Director of Sales & Marketing at Company Car & Limousine/ Vice President of Membership ILEA Cleveland Chapter

"Carrie is the epitome of professionalism and power. When you watch Carrie speak, you're drawn in by her candor and strength as she weaves in her own stories and shares lessons learned. Focused on leadership, Carrie delivers messages that attendees need to hear in ways that hit home with love."

~Rachel Sheerin, Keynote Speaker & Certified Professional Behavioral Analyst

“Even in the Zoom environment, Carrie’s energy radiated.  Her conversational nature made her feel approachable and her drive to support women professionals and share her journey was clear in her presentation.”

~ Katie Coach with Palmer Event Solutions

“Carrie is a fantastic speaker who is engaging, knowledgeable, and truly authentic. Our group had so much fun and were impressed by her expertise and passion. After Carrie’s presentation, I was feeling empowered and motivated!”

~ Leah Addison – L’nique Linen and VP of Communications for the ILEA Cleveland Chapter

"Carrie is truly a bright light! I was lucky enough to have her speak at one of my virtual events, and I was incredibly impressed with her level of professionalism, preparedness, and energy! The attendees loved her and I received numerous comments about how engaging her presentation was. She is an expert at her craft and a force in the events industry. I’m excited to invite her back to future speaking opportunities."

~ Danielle Allard, Event Fortitude Summit


"Just wanted to send my humble thanks for being so supportive. We're all experiencing a different journey right now and it's empowering to have someone say that we're strong, special and capable of so much more.  I forget that at times. I'm so grateful we met and have been conversing like this. Your wisdom and guidance have made a huge difference right now."

~Cindy S.


"Carrie has been an incredible source of strength and inspiration to me during a very tumultuous time.  She not only believed in me, but she read me like a book - and I'm not exactly an open book - and helped me to begin my journey in to starting my own business! Carrie isn't just a coach and a mentor, she's truly an inspiration. But part of what makes her so inspiring is that she's real and honest about her successes and her shortcomings.  She pushes me without being pushy; she inspires me to do better without making me feel like I’m failing; she makes me realize my potential, then helps guide me to achieve my goals without telling me what to do. Her tagline is now my mantra too - “Progress, Not Perfection.”"

~Emily Klassen EKKlassen Consulting, LLC


I've had the privilege of speaking to several associations, corporations, and at conferences about topics from happiness to virtual event management!

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