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The "P's" of 2020

Did you think I meant PIVOT?! Well....just wait a minute!

So OK, I do ALSO mean to include Pivot--but there are a lot of better looking P's I'm leaning in to this year...

I was speaking at The Age of Conversation Summit the other day, and realized how many P's kept coming up in my conversations with others over and over again. I wanted to explore these a bit more in my blog where I could bring together all my thoughts. So--because I love bullet points--here you go!

Carrie's Important P's of 2020

  • Practice makes progress!

I love this idea! As a self-described recovering perfectionist, I want to lean my whole body and brain in to this idea! What if we STOP pushing ourselves to perfection? What if, hear me out - we live our lives rewarding ourselves for the baby steps? Acknowledging not only ourselves but also others for the small changes that lead to bigger change. Not everything we do has to be perfect or fully cooked---which leads me to my next point...

  • Progress, not Perfection

THIS, just THIS. This is 2020 for me in a nutshell! I've started to change my perspective (more on that later). As a woman of action, AND a type A personality, I never want to act or put myself out there until things are 100% PERFECT. Until I've thought through everything, strategized the F*CK out of an idea, and put the cherry on top. Who doesn't want to present the best version of themselves? But in 2020 I realized something. Perfection is BULLSHIT! Change and action cannot WAIT for something to be perfect. If I would have waited until I fully fleshed out the idea for Events: From Black to White instead of launching it 15 weeks ago, I honestly may have never put this show out to the world. I probably would have, in all honestly, overthought it all and decided against it because I couldn't control all aspects of it and I wasn't GREAT at it, and--and--and....You get the point. Let's go a little easier on ourselves. Do something that scares you, it doesn't HAVE to be perfect. Just because that is what the media feeds us, doesn't mean that has to be YOUR reality.

  • Passion

Another 2020 front runner for P of the year. PASSION! In this crazy-a$$ time, why not lean in to things that make you feel GOOD. Why not dig in to your inner desires and find what really MOVES you as a human. Have you ever stopped to think about the last time you were truly happy? I give many talks on this subject--not only on happiness but truly finding your passion. If you can't remember the last time you were truly PASSIONATE about what you do in life or who you do it with, then this P is for you. 2020 is the PERFECT time to stop, pause, and figure out which roses smell best to you. Need some guidance in this area? Start with Danielle LePorte's "The Desire Map"--probably one of the best gifts I've ever received. Let's stop pushing our passions down because we have big lives. Yes--we need to make money. Yes--we need to take care of our families. BUT, what if you found real PASSION for what you do, or who you are, or what you felt on the DAILY? Do you know how much better you would be at making money, and taking care of others? GIRL (or BOY)---go take care of YOU! You can do it! 2020 is your year....

  • Perspective

Perspective is the key to unlocking your own happiness at times. What does that mean? That means that YOU have this special power, and it is the ability to change YOUR perspective. Wow. You really do have that power, that CONTROL. (And for a control-freak like me, that is awesome). Maybe life is bad today, maybe things are tough. But we singularly have the power to change our own perception and perspective of a situation. I was sitting at the table last week swamped in work, in tears over a few things going on in my life, overwhelmed, and just in the dumps. I am one of those people that can spiral. WHEW can I spiral. I decided to take a quick walk outside and work to shift my perspective. I pushed deep in my brain to list all the positives--and believe me--I am not a happy go lucky person. I call myself a realist-not a pessimist (because it sounds

So is this a work in progress for me? Am I terrible at this? Kinda. But I am working on it pretty hard this year, and it feels damn good to know that I can pull myself out of my own ruts. It is empowering. And remember--progress, not perfection! Knowing that perceptions of people and situations can change as well is an interesting idea. In fact, I base my talkcast Events: From Black to White on this notion. That you may come to the table with one perspective and possibly leave with another. Wow. That is powerful. A shift in perception and perspective from just one person may help change the world. Big idea? Maybe. True? Absolutely.

  • Perception is reality?

No it isn't. I am sick of this notion. What you see on Instagram/Facebook/TikTok/Snapchat/ETC ETC is only a snippet of a person, not their whole story. Put down the media, love, it is crushing your soul. Ok, ok--so there ARE a lot of great things about social media and how it connects us, lets us brand ourselves and our products--but that is not the whole picture. Your reality is reality, not others perception of you. If you need a break, step away. If you aren't amazing at marketing yourself, that is OK. If you feel overwhelmed, that is OK. You know your truth, and honestly, some days that is just good enough. The weight of others judgement and perception of you cannot weigh you down. I'm here to remind you that it isn't healthy, it is toxic--and if 2020 is telling us anything, it is drop the things (and sometimes people) that weigh us down. We can't be EVERYTHING to EVERYONE. Breathe. You are enough. (Thanks to @Courtney Stanley for that reminder).

So, my friends, those are my big P's of 2020. I'd love to hear how this post made you feel, so as always--feel free to email me at

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Big hugs, Carrie

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