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Welcome to A Woman With Drive (AWWD)! I’m Carrie Abernathy CMP, CEM, CSEP, a 15 year veteran event planner and avid golfer, traveler, events industry speaker & leader. 


I’ve spent my career helping to elevate female leaders to be the best version of themselves through mentorship, sponsorship, and building communities like the Association for Women in Events. Now I’ve decided to take on a passion project of my own and start this leadership & lifestyle blog!


My goal is to bring authenticity to the table and be fully vulnerable in all I do and say. I want to share my love of golf and travel with you, but also tie in leadership lessons and inspirational content, too.


I hope you enjoy this unfiltered version of me and enjoy the content, learnings and sharing.

XO, Carrie 

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A Woman With Drive was essentially founded on my great love of GOLF.  Let me be clear: I am not a coach, and I started to learn golf well past the age of 30! I became passionate about it when I saw how many doors it opened. I can easily tie every day of golf into a leadership session or a lesson of self-exploration and growth.


I'll be sharing my unfiltered love/hate relationship with my golf game through my blog. I'll also be sharing course photos, fun golf attire for women (which, spoiler alert—is limited), funny golf puns and other related content here. I  can’t wait to share how amazing the “journey” of golf can be!



A Woman With Drive clearly is a golf pun, but also a testament to who I fundamentally am.


Over the last 15 years, I’ve sat on dozens of event industry boards and advisory committees, steering and guiding best practices for the hospitality world. I’ve been recognized as Successful Magazine’s “Top Industry Influencers” and a Meetings Trendsetter by Meetings Today Magazine. More recently, I was inducted into the Smart Meetings Magazine’s Women in Events Hall of Fame.  


I love what I do and I’ve built my network and brand with a fierce PASSION. I look forward to sharing leadership lessons, tips, tricks, and just honest and authentic conversations and thoughts here with you, my friends!



I travel for a living.  In a pre-COVID-19 world I spent 80% of my life and more on the road between my career and personal desire to see the world. Here I share photos, tips, tricks and the WORLD with you.


Come with me! 



Head on over to A Woman With Drive's blog page! 


Get ready for some authentic sh*t happening on my blog - where I bare my inner thoughts and feelings. From leadership lessons to travel and more, look here for the latest.


My Videos & Vlog page is filled with recorded speaking sessions, tips & tricks, and other thoughts by Carrie!

Head on over to check out what's new in my world.

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