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A Woman With Drive was essentially founded on my great love of GOLF.  Let me be clear: I am not a coach, and I didn’t start golfing when I was young. I started to learn golf well past the age of 30 and started to become passionate about it when I saw how many doors it opened. It opened doors to networks and business, but mostly it opened doors inside of me. 


Golf taps into the physical, but also the mental. I can easily tie every game of golf into a leadership session or a lesson of self-exploration and growth. Need a lesson on resilience? GOLF. Need to tone down an ego? GOLF! Golf can be a BITCH.  Lesson #1: Golf is 90% a MENTAL game and 10% actual skill.

On this page, I share course photos, fun golf attire for women (which, spoiler alert—is limited), funny golf puns, and other related content. From Pebble Beach to Turnberry, I’ve started to dig in to some majorly beautiful (and majorly fun!) courses. I can’t wait to share how amazing the “journey” of golf can be!

To read more about my unfiltered love/hate relationship with my golf game, head over to my blog!


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